Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chicken Accidents

We've had some hurt chickens in the past couple days.  First of all, Li'l Puff, who has started more fights with the rest of the flock than anyone else, got a bloody wing.  Obviously, someone didn't put up with his attitude and showed Puff who was boss.  As we have learned, if there's blood on a chicken, the others will peck, so Puff spent a night healing inside the house, in the chick infirmary, got a bath, and recovered fully.  He's now back with the flock, but is a little more quiet than before.

His bloody wing wasn't bad - we caught it right after it happened.  You can hardly even notice it in this picture.

Then, one of the few hens we have got a broken toe.  We have no idea how it happened - there's nothing dangerous in the coop or in the outside chicken pen.  This appears to be much more serious an injury, as she appears to be in bad pain and makes a horrible moan all the time now.  One toe is all twisted sideways, the foot is swelled, and she can't walk on it.  She does eat, but other than that she just lays in the corner of the coop all the time.  She will not go outside, she doesn't move other than to eat.  It's been broken 2 days now.  That sad cry she makes breaks my heart.  What can be done for a chicken with a broken toe???



Gail said...

With animals, it seems something is always happening. Just when you think you have made things animal safe, they will prove you wrong.

Poconoangel said...

Poor Hen! I never knew chickens had so many problems! Poor thing. And that little Puff is the dickens!

AJ-OAKS said...

Glad Puff is better. Maybe lesson learned for him not to mess with his elders! As for the hen, wish I could be of some help but have no idea what you can do for her. Maybe it is something that is going to have to heal on its own. She will always be gimpy when she walks after it is all healed up. Poor baby. You are so good to your animal family.

Farmgirl_dk: said...'s crazy all the things we have to worry about in trying to keep our babies safe, isn't it?
What did you wind up doing for the broken toe? Did you splint it? Tape it?

Robin said...

I think that Jake may have broke a toe once. She started limping around and did that for a while. Jake doesn't limp anymore so I guess she got over it. If the hen is eating and drinking then she should be okay. There isn't a whole lot you can do. Other than let her get better, put her down, or eat her. Going to a vet (unless she is a pet) for a couple dollar chicken doesn't make much sense. Harsh I know. I hope she gets better soon. It's tough when you have an animal that is hurting as it makes you upset.

Razzberry Corner said...

Update - 1-19-09 12:00pm
The broken-footed chicken was trying to hop around the coop on one foot, and was making that awful wailing cry. Sometimes she'd fall over. We felt bad for her & took her into the inside chick infirmary 2 days ago, where she still is. After 4 days she's able to put weight on the foot, but cannot lean forward on the toes without crying that awful cry & lifting up the foot. Then when she's standing on 1 foot she usually falls down. She's eating very well, but only eats when we are there talking to her. The rest of the time she lays down. Hopefully the toe heals soon!

We thought about splinting the toe, but it seems to hurt her so bad, if we bent it back to it's normal position she'd scream bloody murder. We decided just to let it heal like it is. We considered taping it, but didn't want to hurt it anymore. I think it's slowly getting better. Probably she'll be gimpy, hopefully she'll be able to walk.

She is such a sweet hen. The chick infirmary is in our living room, so we seem to end up holding her in our laps when we are in there watching TV. She'll most likely become the friendliest hen we have!


DayPhoto said...

Is there a scab on the under side of the foot? Lameness, swollen foot, scab on foot pad. Can be bumble foot. Or have you noticed Swollen joints, along with swollen foot? What type of food are you giving her? It could be a need for a vitiman enriched diet.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey Lynn,

I queried my chicken gurus (Tonya and Kao) on the chicken Yahoo group I'm a member of, here is her response:
"Confinement and time are my suggestions. They can give her aspirin water to help with the pain and if they want to try to wrap it or splint it they should use vet wrap, but I would start the aspirin water for a couple days before I messed with the foot much. Kao posted a link just lately about dosing for aspirin water, what I recall and what he thinks is right are two vastly different things, so I am bowing to the power of the internet. Just plain or baby aspirin, for sure, not tyenol or advil.
Let me know if there is more we can do. -Tonya"

Here's the link she mentions - believe it or not, it totally *does* give aspirin dosing for chickens!! Maybe this will help with her pain:


Razzberry Corner said...

Linda - no, there is no scab on the foot. But there is a spot where it looks like the skin was broken just a little bit on the toe. I think she got it stuck in something, and it must have been the feeder. Who knows how. There is nothing else in the coop, other than the waterer, but it is plastic, the feeder is metal. This happened suddenly, in a couple hour timeframe. We still spend alot of time with the chickens, and know them well. Randy went out & cleaned the water in the coop in the morning, then at noontime he & I went back out to the coop, opened the door to let them outside, and immediately noticed one was lame & screaming when we touched her foot. She wouldn't leave the coop by herself. But I'm going to research this bumblefoot. We feed the chickens lots of "table scraps", along with regular layena chicken food, scratch grain, and cracked corn. I think we feed them better than many people - we are aways making food for them! We even buy frozen veggies & cook it up for them! They are some spoiled chickens! -Lynn

Razzberry Corner said...

Danni - Thanks! We do have some low dose aspirin, I can use that! That hopefully will help the pain. Today I took her out to visit the other chickens, she was so excited. But of course they knocked her around; Little Puff the stupid rooster climbed on top of her & tried to take advanage of her since she couldn't run. (Randy about wrung his little neck!) We brought her back inside so she wont hurt the toe more, so it can heal. I will check out that website now! -Lynn

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok, sorry to keep posting you comments on this, but Kao just responded, too:
"Is it the middle toe? Giving aspirin water for a few days while keeping her as immobile as possible would be a good first start. We had a barred rock that had a similar problem. Unfortunately her foot healed in the closed position and wasn't able to use it to get around so trying a splint with all 3 toes to keep them "flat" might be the best option. "

Razzberry Corner said...

Oh, wow, Danni. I guess I'll have to splint it after all. Yes, it's the middle toe. She will not be happy. She keeps the toes in that foot sort of pinched up now. That's why she can't walk and falls over all the time - they are in that pinched position. I was hoping it would just get better. is my email. -Lynn

Robin said...

Bad, bad lil' Puff! That is pretty cute that you watch TV with her. Forget relaxing with a dog. Relaxing with your chicken while watching TV just brings a smile to my face. :)

Ann Ranger said...

My cockarel broke he's toe Friday can I give him normal paracetamol crushed up in water he's in so much pain and I can help him ;(

Ann Ranger said...

Hey Hun my rooster broke he's toe on Friday
Did u find out about helping them
I mite have to bring him in for a couple if days as the hens keep following him every where and he can't walk very good x