Saturday, October 10, 2009

This One's for Mom

My Mother has been visiting us this past month on vacation.  We stayed busy while she was here, running here & there, going to the farmer's market, going to dinner, driving around the property on the ATV (yes, she drove on the ATV!), and we even had time to cook and bake.  We all had fun, and we all even caught a cold, too!  She went back to her home again a week ago.  I miss her already!
Here's some pics of her cats, Alex and Katie when they were visiting.



Mom & I this week


Leigh said...

What a great pic of you and your mom. It's wonderful that she can come spend time with you and that she can ride an ATV (not so sure I would have!) She has very sweet looking kitties too.

DayPhoto said...

Great photo! Both of you have the same 'feel' about yourselves. It could be your smile, or you love for each other.

Just a great photo!


Poconoangel said...

Hi Mom! Hi Lynn! Glad Mom had a great time at your house! Now she can tell Aunt Nita that she rode an ATV!!! Bet she beat her to that one!!! Great picture. --email me.-Barb

Razzberry Corner said...

Leigh - Thank you. I am very lucky that my Mother can visit every now & then. Not everyone gets that priviledge.

Linda - Everyone tells me my Mom & I look alike!

Barb - I love that pic of mom - I think we really look alike in that pic. And yes, she can tell Aunt Nita that she beat her to riding an ATV!