Friday, October 16, 2009

Chicks Update Day 2

Our chicken saga continues...

We got a huge box to keep the hen & her 8 babies in until the chicken coop is ready.  We put screen across the top to keep the hen in.  She is happier with more room, and her chicks are, too.  They love to scratch the floor.  She talks to them, and they really pay attention to everything she does.  Her babies are very healthy and are growing fast.  I am trying to think of a name for the hen, but haven't come up with one yet.

The 17 chicks are still so cute - little puffballs.  They are in a huge old glass fish tank with a heating pad on low underneath to keep them warm.  They are uncoordinated, but very curious & get into everything they can.  They are serious eating and pooping machines.  3 of them had poopy bottoms, which I was told could be bad for them, so I cleaned those little guys twice a day.  I didn't realize I'd have to clean poopy chick bottoms!   They love to roost and will stand on anything we put in the cage. 

One of the Araucanas seems to have a leg problem - one of his legs are stiff and the toes seem to to point in an odd direction. He is often uncoordinated. Yesterday he seemed listless.  I gave him water from a dropper to ensure he was drinking yesterday, and today he's much more attentive and is doing a little better.  I am keeping an eye on him.

We bought a barn/storage shed/chicken coop today & sealed the floor of it.  Tomorrow it will be delivered.  It was built by the Amish in Pennsylvania.  We will have to do some work to prepare it for the chickens when we get it, so the chicks & chicken are still in our guest room for now!


Robin said...

You might try getting some cracked corn to mix into their feed. We had a problem with one pasty butt when we got our chicks. We went and got a bag of cracked corn and mixed it into their feed. I believe that the chick feed comes with a mix of some corn in it already. But the extra corn will make sure that everything is coming out nicely.

Sue said...

Nothing cuter than chicks at that "puffball" stage.
I'd call the hen Freckles-but that's just me!
A name will come to you, sometimes it takes time.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the houseguests!

Razzberry Corner said...

Robin -I remember your chick posts about how they loved cracked corn!! We got some cracked corn & some chick grit for them. One of the pasty butts is all better now, and the other 2 are basically better, but I'm still cleaning them 2 to make sure there's no problems.

Sue - Freckles - that's a good name! I'll seriously think about it! But my husband has to agree with it... The houseguests are very noisy today - chirping very loudly! I'll probably miss them when they aren't in the house anymore!