Saturday, October 17, 2009

1 Leghorn Chick & 5 Guinea Keets

Today we increased our flock by 1 white Leghorn chick and 5 Guinea keets.  Randy wanted Guinea hens because they are good bug-eaters, and we have ALOT of ticks outside in the summer.  We plan on letting the birds free-range when they are adults.  We got the Guineas and Leghorn from an Amish family - we really didn't want the Leghorn, but they gave it to us for free because it was raised with the Guineas & they didn't want to keep just one chick.  The Guineas and Leghorn chick are larger and more developed than our Bantam and Araucana chicks, but we put them all together so they will get used to each other now.  The Guineas already have feathers; the Leghorn is still a puffball, but has more developed wings than our other chicks.

So, to recap, now we have 5 Guinea keets, 1 Leghorn, 7 Araucanas, and 10 Bantam chicks, plus a Bantam hen with her 8 chicks.  Hopefully in spring we'll have eggs!!  The Araucanas are called Easter Egg chickens, because they lay blue and green eggs - should be interesting.  I was told the Bantams lay brown eggs and the Leghorn has white eggs. 

Here's one of the smaller Guineas (the brown one in the pic) and the white Leghorn chick standing tall.

Here's one of the Guineas standing tall.

We got the barn/chicken coop delivered today, but it needs some work done before it's usable as a chicken coop.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Poconoangel said...

You'd better put that sign out by the drive-"eggs for sale" in the spring. Then you will have to have your friends at work save egg cartons for you!! --Funny, I never imagined you guys as chicken farmers!! LOL! -Barb

Leigh said...

They are so cute! I envy you having chickens; they're on the list for us but it probably won't be until next year.

I'm getting caught up on blog reading today. Great news about the chickens and great pix.

Sue said...

One of these just aint like the other ones...........

Razzberry Corner said...

Barb ~ Yes, we'll have to sell eggs for sure if we keep this many chickens! i never planned on getting this many chicks!!!!!!

Leigh ~ Thanks, you'll have fun when you get your chicks! I'll miss the chick stage when they grow up- they are so much fun now!

Sue ~ You're very right!! :D Those guineas are unique, and big! But what I like most about them is their song - they can sing the most beautiful songs! I hope they teach the chicks to sing like that!! :) Imagine that!

DayPhoto said...

What fun! I think every person should have a chicken or duck or some sort of bird!