Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Old Oak Tree

We went out driving today & passed this HUGE old oak tree cut up in someone's lawn.  I thought it was awesome because it was so large ~ I wondered how old it was.


Robin said...

Wow that was huge. You could have jumped out of the car and started counting tree rings... :D I'm just glad that it wasn't me having to do the firewood. Bleck!

Leigh said...

What a shame it had to be cut down. I love old trees, but they do reach a point where they aren't safe anymore. That would make a lot of lovely firewood.

Razzberry Corner said...

Robin ~ Lol - That would have been funny - to jump out of the car & start counting the rings! Randy was frustrated enough with me running out of the car to take pictures!

Leigh ~ Firewood - ugh! Luckily that tree belonged to someone else! Randy still shudders after all the wood he split this past summer! We have tons & tons of firewood ready for winter on our place!