Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where's this photo from? or Broody Guinea Hen!

Welcome to June at Razzberry Corner! Lots has been going on and I realized I haven't had time to keep you up!

Let's see...

I just returned from a trip.  A wonderful trip far away.  I had a great time! You have to guess where I was based on the pictures I post.  I'll give hints, but I wont tell you until you guess right!  I'll tell you if you're wrong!  Now those people who know me, such as my sisters and close friends, are not allowed to tell!!!!  No cheating!

Here's the first clue picture:

Ok, now back to the farm...
One of the 2 guinea girls has gone broody.  Which is bad.  Every time we allow a guinea hen to sit on a nest she gets killed overnight. We only have 2 females left.  They refuse to go into a coop and instead sit on a nest out in the woods.  We have to continually monitor where the guineas hang out so we know where they're nests are so when goes broody we can fix it.

And how do you "fix" a broody guinea hen, one may ask.
Remove her from the nest and take away the eggs.  Tonight I went out and attempted to remove her from the nest using my foot.  She didn't like that.  She screamed and attacked my foot.  I didn't dare lean down and try to pick her up for fear she'd peck my eye out!  When she screamed the flock came running to protect her. Her mate, below, attacked me, too, and made me leave.  In a guinea flock vs. human fight, who'd win?  I don't want to find out.

But I'm sneaky.  I don't fight fair.  I tricked the guineas with bread.  They love bread.  I came out with 2 slices of bread and threw it near my front door, causing the husband guinea to make that special noise which called his wife off her nest to go eat.  She went running to get her favorite treat.  I have no idea why they like bread.  And, weirdly enough, they like white bread better than wheat bread.  Isn't that odd?  I pay attention to their strange likings.  But no, really, they aren't spoiled or anything...

And so when Girl Guinea was eating I ran to the nest and grabbed up the eggs.  I felt so bad.  She really wanted to be a mommy guinea.  But I'd rather she lived through the week.

And alas, when she returned in less than 5 minutes from her meal her nest was empty.  She screamed and screamed when she found the empty nest.  All the other guineas came running to see what was wrong.  I felt so bad.  But I want her alive.  Alive with a broken heart for the moment is better than suffering and killed later tonight.  Here's a photo of her empty nest.

She eventually left the nest and went to roost with the other guineas in silent misery.  Mission accomplished, the guinea hen will live through the week.  Hopefully.  And I feel like a mean guinea mama.

Here's some quick chicken pics to lighten your spirits.  Who doesn't love chicken pics?

Zoner is a bazaar looking hen...

Lucy will always be my favorite bird.

Leggy has no tail feathers.  What's up with that?  Maybe it's the new look for roosters for this summer?

Freckles is still alive.  She's the oldest hen, she'll probably outlive everyone.  She hasn't laid an egg in years, but she always sits as if she is laying.

So did you guess where I was?  Next post will have another photo, maybe two.


Leigh said...

Lynn, how funny. I just got a comment from you on my blog while I'm getting ready to comment on yours. :)

Very interesting post. I've been dealing with a broody hen lately, but guineas seem way over that!

Absolutely no guesses as to where you were. But I can tell it was beautiful.

John Gray said...

I have a few like freckles
useless and retired!!!

Knatolee said...

Can't figure out where you were yet, but the chickens are looking great. Poor guinea girl, but it's better this way.