Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where Was This Taken Clue #3 or Brindle and Tommy

Here are clues 3 and 4 for my "Where was this picture taken?" contest.
All photos were taken in the same area/place.  Can you figure out where?
Leave me a guess in comments!

These yellow lines were everywhere on sidewalks in this place.  I've never seen them in any other place.  Maybe they are in other areas, but I didn't notice or haven't been to those places.  They were unique to me.  I will explain the lines when someone guesses where this photo was taken!  Or if you know, please tell us!

Any ideas?
Just take a guess!  Obviously it's not wintertime in this place!


These are the latest stray cats at Razzberry Corner.  I named them Brindle and TommyCat.  They both had mouthfuls of milk in the below photo.
Happy cats.

TommyCat is a lean hunting machine.  He's a good farm cat.  Even the guineas have adjusted to the outside cats and don't scream at them (much) anymore.
Hope you all have a happy Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

The Texas Hill Country - lake Travis?

Razzberry Corner said...

Anon - No, but thanks for guessing!!!


Leigh said...

I am still clueless! Love the photos though and especially the kitties. :)

Cindy Marlow said...

Are you in Japan? At least give us a country!

Razzberry Corner said...

Cindy - Yes!!!! Japan! That's all I was looking for was the country! I didn't expect anyone to know city names from Japan.


Knatolee said...

The new strays are gorgeous!