Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Work Boots!!!

I've been wanting a good pair of work boots for years now.  Boots that can go outside and slosh around in the mud.  Boots that I wear when I clean the chicken coop and work outside.  Boots that could be worn in winter or summer.  Durable and hard working.  Yet I still wanted boots that were fashionable and show my feminine side.  I wanted boots that can handle the farm work, and still look cute.  Previously I was wearing an old pair of sneakers outside to work, and when I'd come in I'd take them off because they would be trashed.  But sneakers absorb water and dirt- I was looking for something more waterproof/dirt-proof.

And so I kept my eyes open, waiting for the perfect work boots to enter my world.
Today I found them!
What do you think?
I luv them!

I found them on sale at DSW - one of my favorite places.

They are Bogs Classic High boots.  They are cold tested down to -40°F. They have a non-slip sole that kicks away dirt so that you always have a sure step. Breathable, perforated insole provides shock absorption and vapor reduction.

I am a happy girl today.

PS - I also bought a new pair of sandals on sale!


Country Girl said...

You are so funny! I wanted to see a picture of your wild skirt too! Andy's girlfriend, Megan, has a pair of boots similar to that! Look at her photo on facebook! ~ How bout a picture of the keets? They must be getting so big!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Those are really cute! I'll have to see if they have a website . . . I'd like to have a pair too. Thanks for telling us about them!

LindaG said...

I think those boots are great! :)

Terry said...

I use the shorter version for barn cleaning in winter, and they are great in our cold weather.

Farm Girl said...

Well, I think those are have to kinda boots. I need some too. When I was a kid I had the snazziest pair that were bright red. I wore them everywhere and preferred them to any other kind of shoe.
Those are really nice.
Any new shoe is nice.

Nancy said...

Love the boots!

Lisa said...

Can I ask how much those boots were? I saw them last week and the kids versions were 90$$$$!!!!

I almost bought a pair for me and J. till I saw the price. I didn't buy any.

Razzberry Corner said...

Barb - yes, the keets are really looking like little guineas now. I'll have to take some more pics soon.

CAGrammy - u r welcome!!!

LindaG - no prob!

Razzberry Corner said...

Terry- I just looked online & saw there's a shorter version. Now that u mention it, these boots are very warm!!! They'll be nice in cold weather!

Farm Girl - I just love boots, especially in winter. I'm just early, for once!!!

Nancy - thanks, me too!

Razzberry Corner said...

Lisa - I paid $53 for them at DSW. They were in the clearance section in the back. Orig price is $90. I love that clearance section at DSW, you never know what you'll find back there. Many times they have exactly the same shoes that are in the full price area, but on a major discount.
Good luck!


cmarlow41 said...

I had a marvelous shoe experience this week, too. My podiatrist suggested that I get MBTs (rocker shoes) that run about $200. He said that Skecher's Shape-ups would work. I went to Village Thrift after my appt and found a brand new pair of Skecher's Work Shapeups in my size for $25! Kismet!

cmarlow41 said...

Cabela's is having a sale on Bogs.

Knatolee said...

I wore my Bogs boots all last winter and LOVED THEM!!!! And I love your skirt, too!

Robin said...

How cute! That was a really good price on them. I've been tempted to get some but then I just slog around in my $10 black rubber ones.

Lisette Laughlin said...

Hey, you really took home a good bargain in those working boots of yours! And based on your description, I think your boots are both functional and beautiful. They even match your dress! Good pick, indeed!

Lisette Laughlin