Sunday, July 17, 2011

Come Take a Walk in the Woods

Happy Sunday!!
Today is a relaxing Sunday around the house.
We decided, after seeing fat Jack lounging, to take a walk in the woods.  We all could use some exercise.
Jack didn't join us, though.  He preferred to nap.
See you later, Jack!

Bobby, the outside cat, had a bad night last night.  He got locked in the garage.  He was not a happy cat this morning when I found him at 5:30AM.

Bobby started the walk with us, but stopped at the entryway to the house.
He only goes so far into the deep woods.
He knows there's foxes and other monsters out there in the deep forest.
He's a smart cat, that Bobby.

And so it was Just Randy and I on the walk.

We found the 3 adult guineas out in the field.  The Girl Guinea is broody.  She wants babies and is sitting on eggs.  I call her "pregnant", even though birds don't get pregnant, just broody.  But to me it's the equivalent.  So far Girl Guinea leaves her eggs and returns to our house every night with her 2 men to roost in the pine tree.
The male guineas don't know what to do now that their woman sits all day.  They are actually getting along with each other, since they only have each other for company.
Soon enough all the baby guineas will be released and there will be lots of guinea drama.  We have 12 baby guineas - I can't wait till they get to be free with their parents!

Can you make out Girl Guinea sitting behind all the leaves.  I wonder how many eggs she has under her.  She will be sitting for about a month.  This "pregnancy" wasn't in my grand guinea plan.  I planned on releasing all the teenage babies in a few weeks, but if Girl Guinea wont be a part of the festivities, I don't know what to do.  Plus, with the addition of all the young guineas, the 2 adult males may stop protecting Girl Guinea, and she needs their protection while she sits.  She's easy fox prey right now.  Plus, I planned on her teaching the female teenage guineas how to be adult female guineas.  But now she will be busy with her own babies, who will be newborns.  Her "pregnancy" totally wasn't planned and it stresses me out.

Look at the below picture ~ what do you see????

Yeah, lots of high grass.  But in that grass is my green wine bottle collection!  Remember that?  The grass has taken over.  Everything looks different here in the summertime, the grass and weeds, the trees and vines, they totally take over.

Behind all the trees in the picture below is the old fallen over barn.  In the small house (that you cannot see anymore in the trees) is the baby vulture nest!
Yes, we visited the baby vulture today.  I will post photos of him in my next blog post.
(PS - He's adorable!!!)

Below is one of the fields.  Trees have taken over.  A couple years ago there were NO trees in that field.

And this concludes the photos of our walk today.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Chai Chai said...

You live in a beautiful place, very scenic. The Guinea girl hatching drama is very exhausting....good luck to you both!

Nancy said...

I feel like fat Jack there today lol.
Thank you for the walk tour. Miss Ginnie (mispelled) sure put the 'boys' outtah sorts eh? I hope all her eggs hatch.
Oh my that back field looks like those trees were perfectly spaced planted! Birds in your area are quite accurate dispersing their poo...hahaaa!
You have a lovely place and I can't wait to see the baby buzzard ;-)

Farm Girl said...

It all looks so beautiful and green. I have a fat cat that sits like that. She has to prop herself against the wall to give herself a bath. Silly cats.

John Gray said...

if i HAD a cat suit.,....i would LOOK exactly like that cat!

Knatolee said...

Loved the pic of the stealth bottles! :)And the guineas of course.

I've got a Muscovy sitting on nine eggs and I don't know WHAT the hell I'm doing. I need to read up on Muscovy reproduction, pronto. :)

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh what to do? What to do? Couldn't the teenagers just be adopted into the "family" and let the male-guineas be the "stay-at-home-dads?"

Razzberry Corner said...

Chai Chai - Thanks. It is very pretty hear. Very green. How's your girl guinea?

Nancy - Yes, Miss Guinea did put the boys outta sorts!! They just don't know what to do when she changes their plans!

Farm Girl - That's what Jack was doing, giving himself a bath, when I took that photo. He doesn't really look all that fat when he's not sitting like that. He just has a spare tire around the tummy. It's a man thing. It's funny, because our female cat is chunky everywhere, not just in the middle. She has big hips and legs especially. It's just like with people!! :)

John Gray - YOU are too funny!!! Lol!

Nat - Everyone's broody these days, it seems! How are the duckies?

CAGrammy - The teenager guineas will soon be let free. The adult male guineas wont know what to do with all the young ones running around. I just don't know when is the big day to let them free. I keep looking at "my babies" and then I think they aren't ready just yet to be out on their own... but one day soon...