Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cupcakes & Deer Tales

It's cupcake Thursday.  What better way to celebrate the almost weekend?

These ones are lemon with vanilla buttercream icing.

The whitetail deer does that have been hanging in my backyard are all having their babies.  The fawns are so adorable.  And so small.

These twins didn't belong to the doe right behind them - their mama was a little behind them in the further field.  There's an old barbed wire fence behind the doe pictured here and the other mother is behind that.

There's their mama on the left in the photo below.  There's the fence between the two female deer.
When the twins decided to return to their mama, one of them got all hyper and started bouncing around the adult deer like a goofball.  But she went to the wrong mama deer.  Her fellow twin happy followed her to the wrong mama.  The wrong mama deer didn't want to put up with the playful babies are started kicking out at them. 
The playful baby quickly realized her mama was on the other side of the old barbed wire fence, so to get away from the crazy kicking doe quickly, the baby jumped through the barbed wire fence!!
Not a good idea. 
Of course her back legs both got caught in the fence - her upper body made it through.  And then she was hanging in the fence, kicking like crazy.
Oh, no!
I quickly put down the camera, opened the back door, and ran to the back porch. 
Luckily I didn't have to intervene - the baby pulled free from the fence.  I hope it's not too hurt from the barbed wire.  The other baby walked around to the gate in the barbed wire fence and joined her mama like a civilized fawn.

Just another day in the life of a deer...

Sorry for the bad quality of the deer photos!

Happy almost weekend!


AmyJo said...

I love the pictures of the deer, we see lots of deer out here to but they never get close enough that I can take decent pictures of them

John Gray said...

no deer here but there are around 10 miles west....

all we have are bloody badgers

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I'm so torn! I'd love to see deer around here but I don't want them eating up my beautiful vegetable garden so we have a sprinkler system to keep them away. So I'll just enjoy yours, thanks very much. Darling little twins!

But it's your cupcakes that I just drool over! I so want to learn how you make them so pretty. Maybe I'll just google "How to make cupcakes like Razzberry Corner!"

Happy weekend to you!

Farm Girl said...

The cupcakes look wonderful and the deer are so awesome. I just love the little fawns.

Nancy said...

So adorable....the fawns too! LOL! The twins are so small and too cute. Never thought a doe would kick at babies that weren't hers. Wouldn't want her to fawnsit eh? Hope the little one isn't too hurt. Now I wish my frosting on cupcakes would look like yours.

Genny said...

Those cupcakes look soooo good. I'm so glad you don't work with me, I'd weigh a ton! LOL!! Do you use a pastry bag for the frosting? They always look so perfect. Love the pictures of the fawn. I'm in love with them.

Country Girl said...

Love your pictures of the fawns. Wish we had deer closer to us. They are all out of town. ~ Always enjoy your photos. By the way- Sarah got a new kitten named Moon Pie! How do you like that name?

Knatolee said...

Oh, these are lovely photos! Lucky you, having fauns. :)