Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Chicks?!?

Happy Fourth of July!

We have a mama hen, Charlotte, who is sitting on 7 eggs which are due to hatch today!  I expected them to hatch yesterday.  They are actually due tomorrow, but our chicks are always a couple days early. 

The eggs have been peeping away.  I feel bad for the poor chicks all cramped inside those eggs.  I just wish they'd hatch already!!!  These are eggs from our own chickens, it's always exciting to see our own babies.  Two of the eggs are from Big Bonnie, the shelter hen.  She is one large hen and she has large eggs.  My mother calls them duck eggs.  One of Big Bonnie's big eggs is peeping very loudly, I already named that baby Big Bird.  Probably Big Bird will be a boy (with my luck and the fact that he's so boisterous and loud even before hatching!), but I'm always hoping for a girl to add to the flock.  Two of the eggs are from Pennie, the other shelter hen.  The two hens we got from the shelter are our two best layers right now!  And the remaining eggs are from our older hens. 

I just went out and checked the eggs at 7am, no chicks yet.  I will keep you posted on the chicks!  Just hatch already!  Happy 4th of July!

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John Gray said...

I have let three hens sit this year and only have four chicks!