Monday, July 22, 2013

Egg production

Despite all the chaos going on in the coop these days, I've been monitoring our egg production.  We raised 9 pullets this spring, and I planned on them starting to lay their first eggs in July.  Well, now it's late July.  Hello, ladies, where are my eggs?

I mentioned in my last post that we have 15 older hens: Of these about 10 older hens don't lay at all and 3 that lay routinely (Big Bonnie, the shelter hen, Penny, the shelter hen, and Candie) and 2 older  hens that lay sporadically. 

Here is a pic of our eggs.  The darker brown ones are Candie's, the medium brown smaller eggs are Penny's, and the large lighter eggs with spots are Bonnie's. The 2 older hen eggs are much smaller and I don't put them in an egg carton, so they won't be mixed up with the larger eggs that we sell or give away.  I eat them myself or use them for cooking.

Here are the smaller eggs from the older hens.  Wait a minute - what's that smaller egg?  We are wondering if maybe one of the new pullets have started laying.  I assumed they'd all start laying at around the same time.  But maybe, just maybe, one or two of the new pullets have started laying.  We'll see - I expect a lot more eggs in the near future!

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