Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just go with it

There's always so much to do here, and never enough time.  Today we moved our clocks forward - so basically I started out losing an hour right off the bat.  Razzberry Corner blog has been terribly neglected because of this time management issue of mine.  The problem is that time just goes too fast these days. 

Back when I was a kid, time used to drag.  Remember the lazy childhood days when you were bored, there was just nothing to do?  How come as an adult you don't have those types of days anymore?  Now it's rush here, dash there, making lists along the way so I don't forget things.  And good grief if I lose a list, then it's all over!  I never completely finish a list, so the uncompleted items get carried over to a new list.  It's a never ending process.  Oh, how I miss those simple days of childhood boredom....

I seem to think that if I'm going to post something here on the blog, I should have something momentous to discuss.  But, however, there's nothing major going on here, just days flying by, blending into the next day, then the next week.  So, I'm going to try a new approach.  I'm just going to write whatever I'm thinking about, even if it doesn't seem all too important.  Let me know if you enjoy reading the blog from now on.  And then there's the photo issue.  I think if I don't have a photo to go with the blog it's not worth posting, and I don't always have photos handy.  And so there's no blog post...  So, along with my new simplified mindset of posting, please forgive me if I don't post a photo with every blog.  Sometimes it just takes too long to grab the camera and go outside and snap some shots and then I get sidetracked and the blog post never happens.  I'm just going to go with whatever is on my mind and write simple and sometimes short posts.  Sound good? 

Just go with it, that's my new motto.


Farm Girl said...

Well I like your new motto. That was how I ended up with my blog, I just don't garden all of the time and there are so many other things going on in life. I like reading day to day life. You have a very interesting life, the way you travel and all of that. I know I for one would enjoy that. Do you still make cupcakes and bake? I know I like seeing that too. So I think with blogging it is more of a relationship and it is nice to stay connected to friends.

Razzberry Corner said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for your encouragement!!! Yes, I travel quite a bit sometimes, but that's for my work. And I cannot talk much about my work online, although I think I have the best and coolest job ever. I so love what I do. That's a whole separate part of me that I can't really discuss. So I talk about the farm life here. Most of my coworkers don't even know this side of me.

I love to bake, but I eat too much! So I've been really trying to slow down on baking. But I still do that. I post more of my baking photos on facebook. I do that because many of my coworkers are facebook friends, that way they'll see what goodies I'm bringing into work the next day! I promise to make sure to post my baking photos here, too!


Carol said...

I enjoy reading your posts. Could you update us about Pennie and Bonnie? Pictures are not necessary. Have a restful day from middle TN!

Razzberry Corner said...

Hi Carol! Pennie and Bonnie - let's see. Bonnie is doing great. She's still large as a house, but she can run around just fine now. I don't know why she hasn't gotten much thinner, but she hasn't. Maybe she's just a very large meat bird. She's actually getting along very well with the other hens. She loves to eat treats, and is right there by my feet with the other hens when I deliver treats like spaghetti or mealworms.

Pennie is more distant from the other hens, she likes to keep away. She's usually running around on the other side of the pen when I check on the birds. She comes running when she see's I have food. I was thinking maybe I should spend more time with Pennie to make her more social. But she's social with me, just not with the other hens. She never has liked other chickens, she likes being a lone chicken. Both Bonnie and Pennie are laying light brown eggs every day.

I'll have to check the shelter for more hens! I expect a few weeks after Easter the Easter chicks will be getting dumped off by people. Easter chicks being chicks that people got because chicks are so cute, but after a few weeks the people realize they don't want a chicken and dump the birds at the shelter. Maybe tomorrow I'll remind the shelter staff that I'm still available to take unwanted chickens... And then I'll have new stories to tell about more shelter hens!


LindaG said...

I make lists, too.
And didn't the year just start last week?

Have a blessed week! ♥