Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cupcake Week

I will now attempt to explain some of the photos from my last blog post.  Life has been busy, and I haven't been able to post much here on the blog.  But here we go, without wasting more time~~~~

 Last week a lot of baking was done.  Cupcakes, to be specific.  It was Randy's birthday, and so he got a butter pound-cakey type of cupcake.  Then there were many celebrations at my work, as three people were leaving the office, and I told each of them I'd make whatever flavor cupcake they wanted.  Of course I made recommendations of my favorite flavors.  It finally was decided and I made 2 dozen lemon, 2 dozen orange cremesicle, and 2 dozen carrot cupcakes.  All with vanilla buttercreme icing.  They were enjoyed by everyone, especially me!

I was lucky because I was supposed to make even more cupcakes for a picnic, but it was post-poned due to rain.

Randy found these cool carrying containers so I don't have to use the good cupcake carrying cases I have.  I'm concerned I'm going to forget to get the carrying cases sometime and they will get lost at work.  Now I don't have to worry anymore, as these can be disposable!  The carrying cases were made for cakes, but they do fine for cupcakes, too!

This week I'm going to attempt to make variations on the traditional buttercreme icing recipe.  I'm wanting to try some new flavors.  I'm thinking caramel cupcakes with apple buttercreme icing.  One of the co-workers recommended chocolate cupcakes with mint icing.  

The possibilities are endless...and I want to try them all!


Gail said...

Beautiful works of edible art!

Country Girl said...

The cup cakes were great! I already know what a wonderful baker you are! But what about the chicken, bunny and ants pictures?

Rosie said...

Your cupcakes always look so magical!! All twinkly!!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

How do you make those beautiful swirls in the frosting? I assume it's piped on? What is the "tip" called? They are absolutely beautiful! I'm sure they are scrumptious, as well.

Terry said...

Yes, I wanna know about the swirls too!

Nancy said...

Creamsicle? Oh yummers! Your cupcakes look so delish. I bet everyone enjoyed them. Thankyou for your comment about the roosters. I am now armed with broom! LOL!!!

Knatolee said...

Pretty!!!! Are you going to open a cupcake shop? :)

Razzberry Corner said...

Gail - Thanks!!

Barb - I know i haven't written about the chicken in the sink or the rabbit yet! I've been too busy to blog! :)

Rosie - Thank You!!

CAGrammy - I use an icing bag and icing tip 1M. That's my secret!! :) Please keep it just between us!!

Terry - OK, you can know about my secret 1M tip, too. But no one else but us, ok?? :)

Nancy - Glad to help. I know how those roosters can be.

Nat - Maybe one day, someday... I'll blog about it when I do, I'm sure!!