Monday, May 23, 2011

Bob and that Lizard Tail

Bob has become an important part of the farm.  He's a permanent fixture here now.  During the day he sleeps on one of the porches, and at night time he sleeps in unknown places in the woods.  He's always out there somewhere, we just have to call for him if he's not already under our feet and he comes running.  That's our Farm Cat Bob.
Little Bob
The Bobster

Bob has many important jobs around the farm.  He is the friendly furry little kitty who keeps us company outside.

Bob waiting impatiently for food
Bob with a puffed-up tail

 Bob makes sure our legs get rubbed whenever we go out back.  If we should decide to sit down outside, he warms our laps by sitting in our laps.

Bob is Jerry's BFF.  Jerry doesn't have many male cat friends.  Actually, I think Bob may be Jerry's only friend.  Jerry needed a friend.  Because Bob is so friendly to us, it has made Jerry more friendly.  
Although Jerry still will NOT let us pet him.

Bob already ate breakfast. Now Jerry is eating.
Jerry, the original feral tomcat at Razzberry Corner
Jerry goes on his way, Bob stays at our house after eating breakfast.  Bob has chores to do.
The Bobster
Oh, I almost forgot Bob's #1 job.  Bob has been told that he must keep our yards and porches mouse and lizard-free.  And he does a good job at his work.  We used to have many pretty blue lizards on the back porch.

Not anymore!  Here is a lizard tail that Bob left behind.  The rest of the lizard ran for it's life.  The tail separated from the lizard, as it's supposed to do.  Bob was busy with the tail and the lizard lived another day.  Eventually the tail stopped twisting and turning and Bob lost interest in it.  Then the ants had their breakfast.

Tomorrow I will continue with the stories about the remaining photos...


LindaG said...

Really great post. Brought smiles to my face. Look forward to hearing more about Bob. :)

John Gray said...

just caught up with your news
love the nesting coops by the way!!!!

Knatolee said...

I love your kitties. And wow, lizard patrol! I thought my Tina was bad doing snake patrol, but wow...

What a lovely pair of cats. :)

Anonymous said...

I got a real pleasure reading you.

Country Girl said...

Bob is a nice little addition. I'm glad Jerry has accepted him! But poor Jerry is so skinny! Do you see around much during the day?

Robin said...

How sweet. :)

Razzberry Corner said...

LindaG - Bob always makes me smile, too :)

John Gray - Welcome back!!

Nat - Tina is amazing!!!

Anon - Thanks!

Barb - Jerry never stays around long. He eats and runs.

Robin - Bob is a sweet cat.