Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guinea Update

Since the chicken hawk attack on Friday, the guinea flock has not wandered very far.  They've stayed very close to the bushes where they hid during the attack.  They are all there, the missing one is now back with the flock.  By this afternoon, we put out some chicken food for them, as they were very hungry because they weren't wandering and looking for food.  I assume they haven't forgotten the hawks.

Guineas in their overgrown bushes.  You can see one starting to emerge in the right bush

Their safety bushes are right beside the chicken coop.  They are some overgrown boxwoods.  In the midst of the bushes I found some light colored guinea feathers that somehow got there during or since the hawk attack.

Feathers found in the bushes
The guineas have dug ten little hollowed out areas in the soft earth beside the boxwoods, one for each bird.  They love digging and rolling in the dirt, just like chickens.  The afternoon sun hits this area and the birds like to sunbathe in the dirt.  In the center in this picture is the one all white guinea.  We think she is a female, based on her call.  She is ALWAYS beside Boy Guinea.  Rarely is she not right beside him.  Girl Guinea doesn't seem to mind her at all, despite the fact that White Guinea is moving in on her man.  Boy Guinea is the dark spotted one on the right, and Girl Guinea is the dark one on the left. 

Guineas digging in the dirt

Guineas hanging by boxwood bushes
Today Girl Guinea layed her daily egg beside the boxwood bushes, instead of going to the nest she previous made.  We have not seen any hawks in the past day, we've been watching for them now, too, just like the guineas are.


Verde Farm said...

They are so pretty. I love how they dig their own little holes to lay and sit in. I had three (two now) but I had three little holes in a row under a tree where they would sit. It was so cute. I love your all white guinea!

Terry said...

Oh, I'm so glad the missing guinea found her way home.

Heritage Farm Village said...

i am so glad they are all there! i wish i could have fowl...those bushes look really good and safe. cute how they dig holes, not sure i would like that though..-jill

Gail said...

I am so glad your lost one returned.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Whew! I'm so glad they are all back safe and sound ... staying alert and on the lookout!

Chai Chai said...

Wonderful news that everyone is safe.

Poconoangel said...

Wow! That was a close call! Good thing you were home! I wonder if the hawks would have gone looking for the guineas by the bushes? Sounds like it was quite a scene. We have the black vultures here! We see them often. When it's not the vultures, it's the Canada geese grouping and regrouping up in the sky! They are noisy too!

Leigh said...

Whew, having had our own hawk attack not too long ago, I know exactly the feelings you've been going through. I was relieved to read that the missing guinea returned safe and sound. It's a relief not to lose any, isn't it. But still, I'm now always on the alert. Unfortunately, our blue jays imitate hawk calls(!)

Razzberry Corner said...

Amy - I love the all white one, too. I wish we had more white ones.

Terry - me too!

Jill - If my place was all nice and landscaped and the holes were right out front I wouldn't like the holes in the grass. But they are behind the bushes, beside the chicken coop, so I don't mind! Thanks for visiting!

Gail & California Grammy - me too!

Barb - Yes, geese are noisy! I remember hearing them when I was at your house!

Leigh - We have a flock of bluejays that follows hawks around and screams at them. If we hear the bluejays making a scene, we look for the hawk in the midst of them! but the hawk that's being attacked by jays isn't going to hurt a guinea, he's just trying to get away from the jays! Good bluejays!


Robin said...

Smart guinea's. I would be hanging out in a safe spot too after the danger alert of the hawks.