Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clean Coop Day

Wait, wait, what's that?
It's clean straw! 
Could it really be the day?
Chicken coop cleaning day?
How did it happen and I didn't notice!  What was I doing?
I was napping out in the yard and wasn't paying attention!  Darn!

Betty peers into the coop

Yeah - it's a great day!
Who just doesn't love the day the house gets cleaned?

Betty enters and looks around

A clean coop is a big thing to me! It's so exciting! 
It gets me so worked up that I need to go lay an egg!
I especially like to be the first hen to use the clean nestbox.
Ha, I'll show those other hens who's at the top of the pecking order. 
I'll lay the first egg in the clean nestboxes. 
And, I'll get the top row of nestboxes.  I'll get my pick of nests!
Only the cool hens use the top nests, you know!!  And I'm the coolest hen!
Who's that outside?
It's Chloe - I had better hurry and pick my nest before she comes in and tries to claim a top nest! 
I'm smarter than Chloe!

Betty looks at the nests. Chloe is outside thinking of coming in, too.

Left to right, Freckles, Charlotte and Ethel

All the top nests are already taken!!!


Knatolee said...

I love your little darlings all lined up in their nestboxes!

Verde Farm said...

Oh how cute! I'm sure the ladies are thrilled with their freshly clean house. I love their names!!

Genny said...

It looks wonderful, and I'll be the fresh straw smells great. What a great picture of the girls sitting in their nest boxes! How long did it take to clean it?

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Great post . . . it would make a great illustrated kid's book! There's nothing better than a freshly cleaned out coop with beautiful fresh hay for our girls.

Chai Chai said...

That is funny, I love the quote; "All the top nests are taken!"

Farm Girl said...

Don't you just love watching them when they have a clean coop with nice clean straw in the nesting boxes. One of my favorite. I know I just stand out there with a dumb grin on my face watching them.
Oh your muffins looks wonderful. I will be trying my hand at making them.
You are so smart to give them away. :)

Toni aka irishlas said...

What a cute post!
Wish we could teach them to clean their own house! Nah, not really. I get a bizarre sense of statisfaction after I clean the coop.

Gail said...

The chickens go crazy with new hay, scratch, scratch and soon the nests are on the ground!

Leigh said...

You've got all those hens still laying?!? I'm envious. I'm only getting 2 eggs at most these days. Funny how chickens love coop cleaning day. I reckon its all that new bedding to scratch around in. Who knows what tidbits it may contain.

Terry said...

Too cute! Those are some well taken care of hens. Lucky birds!

Razzberry Corner said...

Knatolee - Sometimes there are 6 hens all in there at once!

Amy - I'm still trying to come up with new names all the time. We have alot of birds without names still.

Genny - It only takes like 30 min to shovel out the old straw & bedding & put in clean pine bedding & new straw on top. If I don't procrastinate it's really not a huge job.

CaliforniaGrammy - One day I'll write that book about Razzberry Corner!

Chai Chai - Our hens love the top nests best, I don't know why. Silly birds. It's like a competition to get the top nests.

Farm Girl - I love to watch the chickens and guineas. I'm sure I just stand there with a silly smile on my face, too. They probably think I'm "slow"! Lol.

Toni - I get a sense of satisfaction after completing a job, but I'd be happy to teach them how to help out! I'd get that same satisfaction from them cleaning it that I'd get from cleaning the coop! :) Too bad!

Gail - They do like to scratch everything up and make a mess of the straw. It must be exciting for the chickens, I guess they don't get too much excitement in their lives! Poor birds!

Leigh - my egg production has dropped with the autumn molting. Some of the birds are finishing up molting and recently the laying has picked up again. We get anywhere from 4 to 9 eggs, with 13 laying hens. Plus, in the past couple days, my 2 five month old pullets have just started laying!

Terry - Yes, my birds are spoiled, I guess! :)


Gooseberry Jam said...
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Gooseberry Jam said...

Wow...I have exactly the same chickens only mine do not have names, I have five children's names I still get muddled up let alone a name for all my girls in the coop. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your chicken stories and your recipes are fantastic...especially the baby cupcakes...too cute!
Keep up the good work
Karen :)

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