Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jerry Returns

Jerry returned this afternoon!  He's our outside cat; he used to come up every morning for food.  Last Saturday we had the big snowstorm, and Jerry didn't come back until this afternoon, Wednesday. 

Here he comes on the right, making it thru snow that's almost as high as him.  The clear spot, where there is no snow, was where one of our cars used to sit.

He made it onto the front porch.

He's looking intently for that food bowl.

We gave him canned food, and dry catfood, and fresh water. He was HUNGRY.

Jerry gives us one last look of thanks before he gobbles his food.

I know he's a tough old tomcat, but I really don't think he goes anywhere else for food. Before we used to feed him we noticed many birds used to die around our bird feeders. Also we used to see him hunting mice, snakes, other small animals (like moles), and larger animals (like woodchucks!) around the property. He belongs here, he was here before us.  We made a deal with him ~ we feed him, he takes care of our property.  I'm glad he returned.


AJ-OAKS said...

I was checking to see if Jerry came home. YAY!!!!! Jerry is home. Jerry is home. Doing the happy dance for you and Jerry. ( big big grin)

Robin said...

Ah, what a nice man he is. I'm glad he came back and was okay! Our little stray that adopted us seems to be good just for cuddles. She isn't much of a mouser yet (maybe never will be) but we sure do like her.

Sue said...

What a nice surprise right before Christmas. It's hard not to get attached to these animals...glad he came "home".
Merry Christmas!

jalynn01 said...

Awwwww welcome home Jerry. How did he get his name? I had a cat named "Gerry" a female short for Geraldine...and she died so I got another one male...and named him Jerry. My dog is Ben and the cat has to be Jerry...ya know.. Ben & Jerry... haha..
Merry Christmas. Hope you are blessed with happiness and joy.

Razzberry Corner said...

Cindy - I did the happy dance when Jerry first showed up, too!

Robin - That's strange that your Jack isn't much of a mouser. All my cats which were once stray (which are all the cats I ever had, now that I think about it), were good mousers. Guess your kitty is just a cuddler, which is a good thing! My female cat, Shadow, isn't much of a cuddler, and I miss that!

Sue - It's always tough for me not to get attached to the critters. They all have such personalities!

Jalynn - We named Jerry a name that we thought went with Jack, which is the name of our indoor cat. I guess we were wanting a name that started with "J". We assumed Jerry would become an indoor cat, but he has no intentions of being locked up anywhere. He needs his freedom. Jack was also once a stray, but was terrified of the night creatures (coons, deer, oppussum, fox, etc), and was so happy to move inside where it was safe. Jerry is nothing like Jack, he's a free, wandering soul.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yay! Welcome home, Jerry!
He's got such a sweet, fuzzy face. :-)
Happy holidays to you and your family. -danni

DayPhoto said...

YEAH! What a lovely cat! Welcome home, Jerry!

And good for you. So many people try to run ferals off.

Merry Christmas!