Saturday, December 5, 2009

Egg Comparison

We cooked up Freckles' first egg.  Before cooking, we compared it with a store-bought "large" egg.  It was darker but basically the same size.  It was 1.4 oz in weight.  Can you tell which egg is Freckles'?

Our chickens have not been able to free-range yet, nor have they been able to spend too much time outside. We are in the process of building them an outside enclosure which is totally safe from fox, raccoons, and other land creatures and covered to keep out the hawks and owls.  It's not yet completed - we still need to finish laying concrete under the fence and build the cover (will post about it when it's done - it's a slow project!)  We've seen and heard numerous hawks and owls around the chicken coop, and our little 2 month old pullets and cockerels would make a tasty snack to them.  We take the chickens outside to the garden or the fenced chicken area when we are able to be out there nearby "babysitting" them.  I'm sure when Freckles spends more time outside her eggs will be different.

Freckles has given us a second egg already, one day after her first.  She laid 2 days in a row, then took 2 days off.  The second egg was 1.7 oz.  I was upset I didn't get a third egg already!  Guess she needs to get back in the swing of things- she just did raise a bunch of baby chicks, and I need to be patient!


Gail said...

No contest between home grown and the others. The darker one is the home grown and the flavors are so different.

As a child I loved making eggs in toast. Cut a whole in a slice of bread with a glass, place in skillet and place egg in center hole, cook and enjoy.

The girls always loved them that way too.

Robin said...

I KNOW, I KNOW!!!! Very pretty it is too. I think all those snacks you have been feeding them has been helping out the color.

Sue said...

There is no comparison. Our neighbor that supplies us with eggs has her chickens "on strike" right now-so it's back to store bought for us. Ugh!

DayPhoto said...

Home grown is darker. You feed it corn and other good grains. Store bought is feed wheat and other light grains.