Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New front storm door

Today we got a new storm door/screen door.  Randy surprised me & had it installed when I came home from work.  The picture above is not of our house, but is from the storm door website.  It's a Larson, America's #1 selling storm door.  It comes with an interchangeable screen.  Our previous screen door was approximately 200 years old & was literally in pieces.
Bring on the winter ~ I am ready!   


Sue said...

Ha-I love it... Cuz I have the same door. Hope you enjoy it. I like the full screen because it lets in lots of fresh air....but you have to be a little careful with kids pushing on it.
What a nice surprise for you.

Anonymous said...

Your storm door is really good looking. Which brand it is, because i am in need of storm doors for my home and this door i liked so much.

Razzberry Corner said...

storm- It's a Larson, America's #1 selling storm door. The link for this door is: http://www.larsondoors.com/storm_doors/products/350_13