Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Jack Tree

Jack's favorite thing to do is to take walks outside. We only let him out on his harness - he tends to scare easily and often runs, but doesn't always pay attention to the direction in which he runs when he gets scared. I'm sure he'd come back home, but he may take the long way. And here in the country there's animals much tougher than Little Jack, the spoiled cat. He doesn't have a chance against the two stray tom cats, Jerry and S2, who visit us regularly, not to mention the coons or foxes.

Here's Jack on a walk today. He's cruising along on the standard walk route. He knows right where he's going.

Hurry up, almost there!

There it is! It's a low, old dogwood, perfect for climbing.

Jack scampers up the tree and sharpens his nails.

Life is good in the Jack tree. From this vantage point, Jack watches all that goes on below.


Poconoangel said...

You post some nice photos. I hope your poison ivy is gone by now. -Hopefully Randy is pretty much recovered by now? - We finished cub camp and now this week I am devoting to house projects/repairs/up-keep. Parsonage inspection is the end of the month! - Keep on posting the great photos!

Robin said...

Jack looks like one big cat. Is that a cat harness or a dog harness? When we went traveling with our indoor cat Daniel we couldn't find a cat harness his size. So we had to use a dog harness. It was pretty funny. Daniel now lives out at my parents house and is an indoor/outdoor cat. So no harnesses for him anymore. :)

Razzberry Corner said...

Barb - Yes, the poison ivy is pretty much cleared up now, thanks! Good luck with the house projects & inspection!!! Doesn't sound like fun!

Razzberry Corner said...

Robin - Jack's not all that big - 11 lbs. I don't remember if it was a cat or dog harness... It may have been a small dog harness, now that I think about it. We don't find too many cat harnesses in our stores.

So Daniel is now a free cat! No more constraints. Jack doesn't mind the harness at all - he's a pretty laid-back cat. How about Jasper, does he ever wear a harness?

Sunny said...

You have a very enjoyable blog, wonderful pictures.
We lost one of our cats to a coyote, our other two are indoor cats.
Jack is quite handsome.
Sunny :)

Razzberry Corner said...

Sunny - Thanks for visiting us! I just checked out your blogs, too! Lucy looks like so much fun! Who doesn't love watching cows?

Robin said...

No, Jasper doesn't wear a harness. When we moved into this house I decided that I was no longer doing the litter box. I had five years of cleaning it. So since we only had Jasper, which is Lee's cat, that chore fell to Lee. Since Lee didn't want to clean the box :) he decided that Jasper would become an inside/outside cat. Jasper has been liking his new found freedom.

Jack still sounds like a nice sized cat. Daniel weighed in around 17 to 20 pounds when we had him. He is more svelte now.

Anonymous said...

We took our granddaughter's cat, "Baby Kitty" outside in a harness (my idea) and he was almost terrified but seemed to like it and someone said something and he bolted right out of the harness. I yelled "Stop!" and he did. So that was that. I still think it is a great idea but would have to cinch him up tighter I guess.

Razzberry Corner said...

Abe -Yes, tight harness are needed for cats! Jack doesn't mind at all, he just had to get used to it.