Friday, June 26, 2009

The yardwork never ends

This week the spring rains finally cleared up & the weather's been hot, hot hot!

Yesterday the guys mowed the grass and fields. The property always looks so nice after it's been mowed...

After just a few days of over 90 degree temperatures the grass dries right up. We're going to have to start watering the garden real soon!

Last week we bought this little Kawasaki Mule ATV at a local auction; it's been used non-stop since we got it. It's a handy little thing. I like it because I don't have to straddle it like a motorcycle like the other ATVs.

The guys cut down a tree that had branches on top of our house yesterday (this property was not maintained for the past 50 or so years). The tree was way too close to the house, and was covered in ivy, poison ivy, and grape vines. They are now busy clearing up the tree branches.


Robin said...

Hey I like that Kawasaki. That looks really handy to have around. It reminded me of my Dads beloved Cushman a little.

The mowing looks nice. Nothing like a little yard work to spiff up the place. You wouldn't guess that it had been neglected for 50 years from the pictures. Did you plant the small trees out in the field or were they volunteer seedings?

Razzberry Corner said...

Hey Robin,
We left the small trees out in the field when we first cleared the brush & tall grass last year. Randy left the trees that produce good hardwood. There's even a tiny asparagus plant out there in the field that he mows around (I don't know how one asparagus plant got out front - the large asparagus patch is far away in the back yard).

...We are still working on clearing the back & side yards - they are overgrown jungles. From looking at them you can tell the property hasn't been maintained! I just haven't posted any pics of those areas yet! I'll have to do some before & after shots.