Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden update

Our garden continues to grow ~ here's the latest pics from today.
We've had lots of rain here, that's for sure. All this rain has been good for the garden...

The squash are full of huge yellow flowers.

There are small green tomatoes, small squash, and little beans already.

We put six foot fences around the garden to keep the deer & other animals out. The deer continually check it out, one deer likes to walk around the perimeter of the garden fence & look in. She stomps her feet in irritation because she just can't get in there! There's also been a rabbit recently hanging near the garden, in addition to the normal woodchucks who are always around somewhere. The chucks could dig under the fence, but they don't. They are happy eating clover, and there's lots of that for them.
We are looking forward to our first harvest from our garden.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your garden is great! I can't believe how far ahead you are in your growing season then us! Our tomatoes definately don't have any fruit yet, and our squash are no wheres as big as yours! We have snow peas right now that are ready, and leaf lettuce. We have spinach, parsley, oregano, radishes, and other things that aren't ready yet. The Oregano and parsley come up every year by themselves. -- Keep up the good work!-Barb

Razzberry Corner said...

Your garden sounds huge, Barb!

Robin said...

I have garden envy! It looks really nice. When did you start planting?

Razzberry Corner said...

We planted in early May. We live in Maryland - growing seasons start early here, and last a while. Plus we've had tons of rain this year.