Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fox Attack

Last night there was yet another fox attack on the guineas.  Normally it's a red fox which attacks the birds, but this time it was a grey fox.

The below pictures are of a grey fox and a red fox.  They are not the same animals that attacked our guineas.  Grey fox are larger than red fox - we were surprised to see one.  We have so very many red fox - our guinea flock rarely survives a year with the red fox and hawks around here.

Just so you know, the fox in those photos look so much prettier than the fox around our house.  Most of our fox appear to be sickly and have mange and look terrible.  These photos actually make fox look cute.

Last night a sickly-looking, stinky grey fox came right up on our back porch, right where I sit on my chair out there.  He nosed around, then went around the front of the house and started hunting the guineas which were in the front yard.  We saw the fox on the back porch and watched as the fox picked out an unsuspecting guinea for his dinner.  The guineas never even saw the fox - such stupid birds.

The fox didn't survive the hunt.  We are allowed to kill a fox that is killing our livestock.  All guineas lived to see another day.   


Carolyn said...

In my "suburban life" I could never imagine being able to kill such a "cute, fuzzy" creature. Then I moved to the country. Truth be told, I even had a pet squirrel and wanted a pet raccoon when I was in the 'burbs. Silly suburbanite I was :) Glad your birds are a little bit safer today.

John Gray said...

We only have reds here...bloody things...............

Farm Girl said...

It is funny how when you live in town you have the idea that all wild life is wonderful. Then you move and like me I think all foxes need to be killed. They are messy, dirty predictors. the ones I have seen are crawling with fleas and ticks and they stink and they mark territory just as bad.
The multiply worse that rabbits.
We have two now, that I know for sure and they are digging and are just making messes everywhere.
I am glad you got that one before it got your guineas. We have to call a trapper though, we can't shoot them ourselves.

I love your s stories.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Glad all lived to see another day...