Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guinea Fowl Videos

Here are a couple short video clips of our guinea fowl.  The large dark one with white spots is the male who sings to his 2 ladies who are beside him.  However, I didn't get a video of his beautiful melodious songs.  He's not singing in this video.  He wouldn't sing when I had the camera.  Of course he's shy about this talent, as it's not normal for guineas to sing and he must know it!  The guineas are making what I call "happy sounds" - which are their short chirps that are not obnoxious.

You can also hear a pilated woodpecker in these videos.  They are all around us.  You can't see him, but you can hear him!

 A few evenings ago I arrived home from work right when the guineas were roosting in the big pine tree.  And sure enough they all were singing their beautiful melodious song.  I grabbed my cell phone and recorded a video (with sound) of the pine tree.  However, after I went inside to preview it, I couldn't find it on my phone!  Somehow it seems it didn't save it!  Drat!

The guineas seem to sing mostly first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  The rest of the time they are out and about.  I'll keep working on getting a video of their unusual songs!


Linda said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog. Guineas are one of my favorite things. As a child my mother used to talk to me about guineas in their polka dot dresses and red bow ties.

Kessie said...

Thanks for trying! You'll get it one of these times. They seem very used to you if they're just minding their own business with you so close. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Oh keep trying, I keep wondering what that sounds like.

Country Girl said...

I was happy I could see your videos on my ipad. Usually I can't see videos on it. The guineas are such interesting birds. And I love pilated wood peckers!