Sunday, November 25, 2012

The answer is NO

Nope.  It didn't happen.
I was hoping to lose weight over Thanksgiving week.  What WASSS I thinking???
And so it didn't happen.  But, however, on a good note, I didn't gain any weight over the week either.  Yeah!  My mass remained the same.

And, I even baked these little lovely cupcakes...

[Insert picture of chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing]

Alas, I cannot upload anymore pictures.  Google has cut me off again.  I have been resizing my photos so that they are way tiny (in KBs) for like a year now, but I still cannot even upload a tiny photo anymore.

So you'll just have to trust me on the cupcakes, they were awesome.  I normally don't like chocolate, I'm not a huge chocolate fan.  I know, I'm nuts.  But this time I made chocolate and loved it.

And I made the Thanksgiving dinner, and pumpkin pie, which was yummy.  And apple crisp, which was even yummier.

I've been attempting to keep my portion sizes down, so I'm still eating like crazy, just not eating too much.  And this week I'm attempting to lose 2 pounds.  Maybe 3.  I always say that.  Maybe this week it will happen.

...Or maybe not.  No biggie.  I've got to have my goals!

Now I'm going to see how to increase my capacity with Google, so that I can upload photos to this blog again.  I've been watching others struggle with this, and watching how they've all succeeded.  My turn, I guess, to make this hurdle. 


John Gray said...

I a waiting for the axe to fall!

Farm Girl said...

Yep, it was so hard for me but I did want pictures so I did. It still makes me mad every single month too. :)
Well at least you didn't gain. I would love to loose 3 pounds next week too. I did really good Thanksgiving but then the next day. Oh well.
I am so busy this time of year though I gain weight in January.
Well, You can do it.
Very nice to know that you did really well over the holidays. :)

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I can imagine how lovely those cupcakes are! My lady had the same problem with Google and Picasa. She should have renewed her Google account when it was five dollars a year. Now it is over twenty dollars a year. Sigh. I think everyone is getting hit with it.

Ronna said...

I gave in to Google and am now paying them $2.49 a month to blog. I figure it's still cheaper than buying a coffee at a coffee shop every month. And it's my hobby...and a pretty cheap hobby at that!
It'll solve your problem of posting!
And...happy Thanksgiving!

Chai Chai said...

From the looks of them those must be diet cupcakes? :)

Kessie said...

You could always get a Photobucket account and upload pictures there.

Also, congrats on not gaining! You must have been very careful. :-)

Carolyn Renee said...

I "tried" to not eat as much on Thanksgiving...I think I did ok. But then, there's the leftovers!!
Would you be interested in joining a new blog for just a few of us needing/wanting to trim down a little? If you'd like to, give me a holler at carolynrenee at centurytel dot net.
(Man, this comment totally sounds like a spam, but it's not, I promise!!!)

Gail said...

No gain is a win!

LindaG said...

Congratulations on not gaining. That is pretty awesome on its own!

Have a wonderful week!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

You did great and should feel pride in that you didn't gain weight through Thanksgiving . . . fantastic!

Knatolee said...

If you didn't gain over the holidays, it's a win! :)