Sunday, May 13, 2012

Somebody Please STOP!

...Dropping off stray cats!
It isn't funny.

First I got Jack, but that was at another house, so I can't complain.  He was a stray, but he's a darling, and I am so very happy he chose me, because I certainly didn't choose him.  I didn't want another cat when he found me.

Then I moved to Razzberry Corner, and picked up two more strays through the years, Shadow and Bob.  They both suffered through freezing winters outside.

Shadow isn't very photogenic.  In real life she's a beautiful, shiny, well-muscled, black cat with big expressive golden eyes and a cute smiling mouth.  Her coat is black with dark brown tones.  She has a strong personality and fits well with Jack.  None of this comes across in her photos. 

Bob is the new man.  He is still shy, although he likes pets.  He is finally starting to adjust to life inside.  He refused to look at me for the photo, although his ears showed that he was listening.  I always say Bob was raised by a woodchuck - he used to live in woodchuck holes outside and still prefers dark places to hide.

And of course there's Jerry, who is the best outside cat ever.  I still cannot pet him.  He is forever feral.  But that doesn't stop him from coming up for food.  He was here before I moved to Razzberry Corner.

And now there's Brindle and TommyCat.
TommyCat looks like he could be Bob's brother.  He's tall and thin and sleek and black.  He lets me pet him in exchange for food, although he prefers not to be touched.

Brindle is a large brindle-colored female cat who has a tiny sweet voice and after a few weeks of attention and work, she now loves to be pet.  Brindle travels with a pack of raccoons and eats out of the same bowl as coons.  It seems like she was raised by coons or something.  She gets angry when I pet TommyCat in front of her, as she wants all my pets.  I haven't photographed Brindle, as it's always dark when she arrives at the back porch with her coon family.

Anyway, I do not need anymore cats.  It's good that I have inside cats, as they do catch the mice that get inside.  I have not had any mouse problems since I got Shadow and Bob.
But Brindle, TommyCat and Jerry live outside and will not come in, no way, no more cats inside.  NO. MORE. CATS.
But I can't keep them from showing up outside.
Who is bringing them here?

Oh, I thought I'd throw in a shot of a opossum that came by the other day.  She had at least one baby in her pouch which fell out when she was eating.  I could see it's little feet underneath her.  It scampered back inside her pouch before she left the bowl.  Soon it will be on her back.


Farm Girl said...

Well I hope it works as I have the same problem, I have had people dump dogs, and I now have 6 cats. I get so tired of it too.
I think a cat that lives with racoons is so funny.
We have possums but I have never got a picture of them. Skunks are driving me nuts now though.
A snake moved in to my chicken house. He was there when I went for eggs tonight. It is fun living in the country, right?

CaliforniaGrammy said...

All I can say is that you are a very generous cat-lover! Five cats? As long as they keep the mice down I suppose they earn their keep. But there's no way I'd consider feeding an opossum! I don't like anything about them although I have really no good reason to feel like that since they've done nothing to me. I just don't like their looks!

Knatolee said...

I love opossums!

The cat-dumping drives me crazy, It's the same story around here. Honestly, do these idiots really think cats can fend for themselves out here!?

I love Jerry. :)

Leigh said...

Discarded cats is a problem in the country. We've only had one (knock on wood), which Riley was in a hissy-fit over. I took it to the shelter and had to pay a $5 drop off fee (for somebody else's cat!). I understand why they charge it, but on the other hand, I think it means more cats simply get turned loose so the owner won't have to pay the fee. You do have a handsome bunch there though.

LindaG said...

People who abandon animals are so annoying. I wish they would think and never get a pet.

I feel for you.

Robin said...

I saw a black cat around here a few days ago but haven't seen it since. Cats always show up here but usually move over to our neighbors house. They have a bizzilion cats and take in all the strays. I wouldn't mind if it stuck around here though.