Monday, October 10, 2011


Breakfast is an important time here at Razzberry Corner!
Jerry and Bobby, the outside cats, take breakfast seriously!


 "Leave us alone!" they say.
Both cats are getting their thick winter coats, as it's getting cold out.  Jerry has been here since we moved into this house.  We still are not able to get too close to Jerry.  We will never be able to pet him.  Bobby, however, is a lovebug and loves to be pet.  Bobby loves attention.  We wondered if Jerry would get more friendly after seeing Bobby receive attention (pets) from us and actually not being killed by us.  Jerry acts like if he gets too close to us we'd kill him!  Jerry just watches from a distance when we pet Bob. 
Both cats are well-fed, at least! 

Good morning from Razzberry Corner!


LindaG said...

Sad that Jerry has been treated so poorly.

We have a stray that adopted us, too. He likes his breakfast as well.
Our indoor cat always beats on the patio door to let us know Buddy is ready to be fed. ;)

Farm Girl said...

They look like nice healthy cats!

John Gray said...

I wish my Albert would put on as much weight.. he looks like a twiglet compared to these big lads

Razzberry Corner said...

LindaG -I know, it is sad. I wonder what happened to him. It must have been aweful. I think it involved the gal that lived in the house before us.

Farm Girl - we are lucky that they are healthy cats.

John - yes, these boys are BIG! Bobby tells me he's big-boned, it's not fat. I tell him he's got a big belly. We actually started feeding Bob less because he was bigger around than he was long. All he does is sleep on our porch!


JosephAlsarraf said...

Those are some angry looking cats! What type of cat is that on the first picture? : )

Knatolee said...

they both look healthy, with beautiful coats. I'm glad they have you.