Saturday, June 25, 2011

Girly Coon

We now have a friendly little mama raccoon who comes up to eat the outside cat's food every afternoon.  We used to call her the "Afternoon Coon".  She has learned that during the day there's cat food outside and it gets picked up in the evening before it gets dark.  So she adjusted her schedule to arrive to dinner when it's still daylight.  She's actually quite friendly, barely runs when we go outside.  She has never been hurt by a human.  Probably never saw another human before.  I could probably reach down and pet her if I dared.  But I don't dare.  I would fall in love with her then. 

I always feel guilty taking away the cat food.  When there is no cat food she looks in the windows, waiting impatiently.  Sometimes she peeps in the backdoor, sometimes she perches in one of the windows on the outside ledge, just to look in.

Bobby the outside cat has befriended the coony girl.  She eats his food, and he stands beside her and watches.  Then I go running outside and attempt to chase her away, but she just stands there and looks at me like I'm a meany.  Finally I shoo her off, and she stands about 20 feet away looking at me, asking why Bobby gets to eat and she doesn't.

Of course I explain to the girly coon that the cat is a domesticated animal, and she's a wild animal.  She has teeth and claws and is able to find her own food to eat out in the wild.  She always tells me she's very hungry, her babies are sapping the life out of her, still nursing even though they're getting big, she's exhausted, and there's nothing good to eat out in the wild.  Why can't she just share Bobby's food? she asks.

I know one day soon she will bring her babies to our door.  And then before we know it there will be too many coons at our back door.  We figured when her babies start showing up we'll have to move them all to another location on the property.


Farm Girl said...

I will always have a weakness for raccoons. She is so beautiful too. You are right, as soon as you pet her then your heart will be involved. It is so bad they can be so destructive. I am so glad your monster wasn't a raccoon. There is still part of me that longs to have another one as a pet.
When she is wanting food does she call you with that sound they make?
Mine would stand outside my window and call me and I never could say no. I loved the video.

Razzberry Corner said...

Yes, she does make the little raccoon noise to call us. It's too bad that she will bring her family to our place, I really wouldn't mind having one raccoon as long as she was good. You know what I realized from watching the video again- she just comes to us to eat, then off she goes back to her babies. She doesn't waste time, she wasn't playing with the food with her hands. And, she wasn't playing in the water. I cannot believe a coon wasn't playing in the water, they love water.

I have to do a monster update post again. I am so very glad the guinea-killing monster has moved on! I know it wasn't this coon - she never is mean at all to the outside cat and runs from the guineas when they walk around her.


AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my gosh that pic of her peeking in the window is priceless! I'm with you as far as coons go. At my old house I fed all the coons. They got along with my outside cats so didn't worry about injuries.

Leigh said...

So cute! Especially that first shot peeking through the window. Some wild life is just too lovable.

Anonymous said...

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

Those adorable little faces! I'm with Farm Girl, though, and wish they weren't so destructive. I suppose as long as she behaves and only eats from the cat dish and then goes on about her business . . . why not enjoy her? She's so stinkin' cute!

cmarlow41 said...

For several years we had coons come up on the porch to eat the cat food. I was so thrilled to see them begging at the back door. Then I learned how destructive they can be and you are right, they are wild and our pets are domesticated. For one summer, we had a little blind, runt coon that we took care of. He lived in the old oak that we took down and we made sure he had food and water. The wildlife population has moved on since we got dogs.

Razzberry Corner said...

AJ Oaks - Coons seem to get along well with cats, surprisingly!

CAGrammy - She is so stinkin cute!!! I just want to give her a hug! Ok, maybe not!

Cindy - Yeah, they all moved down to my place now! :) I'm really wanting a dog, but not wanting ANYMORE responsibility right now. Randy told me that he was told about Bandit from Shawn - I am so very sorry if what he heard was true. That really made me SAD....

Knatolee said...

She's beautiful! And I love baby raccoons. Hope she brings hers around to see you.