Friday, April 30, 2010

Ramblings at Razzberry Corner

Time has been flying, and I haven't been posting much here at Razzberry Corner!  I've been real busy with my day job, and it seems blogging has taken a backseat.  Today it's almost 90 degrees outside, and who wants to be in on the computer on a clear and sunny day like this?!  So this will be fast!!!  Not alot of formatting or pictures with this post...


Lots has been going on...  Let's see, where do I even begin??

Ah ha, Muffin, the attack roo. I've learned to carry a broom.  He's afraid of an old straw broom.   I've asserted my dominance over the flock with the broom - I wasn't mean, but a few roosters got pushed to the side with the broom.  One of them was getting busy with a hen right in front of me - that's a no-no.  I read no rooster should never be allowed to do that in front of a dominant human like me.  So the hen action was stopped by a light tap with the broom to the rooster's back.  I think the hen was grateful.  Another rooster didn't like the shoes I was wearing, and he wanted to peck at them.  I just showed him the broom and how it swings quickly, I didn't hit him, but he took off running, honking, warning the others of my new friend, the broom monster.

Muffin and the other boys saw me being dominant, and they saw the broom monster.  Now Muffin watches me from afar, no attacks in the past week.  I've even been able to wear bright pink and red around him.  Without jackets covering my colors.  And no attacks.  I'm going to keep working with the chickens.  I just needed some guidance on how to raise roosters - it's not as easy as raising hens.  I've been picking up Muffin and the other roosters as often as I can, especially in the evenings in the coop.  I hug them and rub their necks and wattles, which they seem to enjoy.  I hold them for as much time as I can spend out in the coop, they stretch out their necks and try to sleep in my arms like them they used to do were little peepers.


A few weeks ago I mentioned the death of a woodchuck in my backyard.  I decided it had to be a fox.  Well, I have not seen any foxes since then, and I've been keeping an eye out, especially in the mornings and evenings.  No sight of any fox.  I've looked for tracks around the woodchuck hole which I thought had been taken over by a fox.  No fox tracks or any tracks, actually.  But I have seen Mr. Who II.  He's a beautiful and large great horned owl.  I usually see him in the evenings or early mornings by our driveway/dirt road.  A couple days ago I saw him sitting in a tree right near the chicken coop.  When he saw me he flew away and was attacked by a few black crows on his way into the deep woods.  I have no idea why crows don't like owls, but they always seem to attack them.  I didn't think great horned owls would kill a woodchuck, but I just found a few sites online where it did say that could happen.  I never found the entire body of the dead woodchuck, just pieces, so maybe it was Mr. Who II. 

And what was Mr. Who II doing near my chickens?  

As a side note, Mr. Who II was named after Mr Who, who is a barred owl who lived by our previous house, which is now a rental property.  Mr. Who was always near our house, he wasn't afraid of us in the least bit.  I was able to take plenty of pictures of Mr. Who; he would always smile for the camera.  Mr. Who II, the great horned owl, on the other hand, is very camera shy.

   The original owl, Mr. Who


We still have 2 very Broody hens - Bella and Charlotte.  Will they ever get out of the nest boxes.  The last broody girl, Zoner, got over it after a month.  Bella and Charlotte have been at it over a month now.  Soon it will be other hens, I guess they all need to go thru it.  Maybe we will start preparing for babies, and will let one of them sit on some eggs - that would be exciting.  Chicks are SO very cute! 
We'll have to think about it, determine if we're ready for chicks again... 

On the chicken front, we have so, so, so many eggs.  I've been selling them to friends, co-workers, neighbors.  I just sold 4 dozen yesterday, and I counted the eggs in my fridge this afternoon, and look - there's another 4 dozen in there!  And I haven't collected from the nest boxes yet today, they'll be at least 10 out there...  I'm going to start bringing them to church on Sundays, to friends houses on the weekends.  People will call me the crazy egg lady...
Did I just say in the previous paragraph I was considering more chickens??? 


Here's a closing picture of Jack, the cat, lounging on this warm, lazy spring afternoon.


CeeCee said...

I'm so glad you were able to get a handle on the rooster! No sense being attacked by something you're feeding. :)
I wonder what makes some owls/hawks stay put for pictures and some take off the minute they see you. I have only gotten shadowy pictures of my Great Horned Owl. Around here, the birds hassle them because they are predators.
Jack the cat makes me miss our big, orange kitty madly. Love the pink toes.

Poconoangel said...

Jack looks very comfortable. How did Alex, Mom's cat, make out at the cat dentist/vet?

Razzberry Corner said...

CeeCee - Our other house wasn't in that much country, it was more on the edge of a community. I think the barred owl was a suburban owl, used to people, cars. We would drive or walk right underneath him, as he sat up in a tree branch. He would turn his head & look at us, he didn't mind us.

Now this great horned owl, I don't think he's seen much in the form of people or cars. We have deep woods now, and he doesn't leave the woods. But it seems he's slowly venturing closer and closer to our house, with those interesting chickens walking about...

Jack has a pink nose & toes, he's so cute! we have another cat Shadow he has a black nose & toes, just the opposite!

Hi Barb - I was told Alex did fine at the vet. No worries!


Robin said...

I love that picture of Jack. It makes me want to give him a squeeze.

Razzberry Corner said...

Robin - Jack loves to be squeezed, held, cuddled, especially if you hold him upside down like a baby. He's such a pliable cat.