Monday, July 20, 2009

Splitting Firewood

The guys have been busy splitting firewood. They've been cleaning up the property, cutting up & moving fallen trees, and a friend dropped off some unwanted timber...before they knew it they had some huge log piles.

The piles before splitting:

After splitting & stacking ~ there's 4 different piles of split firewood in this pic (different types of wood):

These are not the final firewood pictures, more will be posted when they're closer to being done! Since I took these pics 2 days ago, they have split more firewood and made more complete rows.

27 Ton hydraulic log splitter ~ the Lifesaver!


Robin said...

Oh how I hate doing firewood. After all the wood we did this year I am so sick of it. I looked at your pictures and groaned just thinking about it. On the bright side you should have plenty of wood to keep you warm. Or you can start a fire wood business. Or make a firewood fence around the entire property. :)

That log splitter looks a lot like the one we rented. I got very good at pulling the lever. It WAS an lifesaver!!!!

Razzberry Corner said...

Lol! - that was my job when I helped- to pull the lever -Randy setup the log underneath & I pulled the lever! I think I had the easy job! I thought of you & Lee when I posted these pics - I didn't take any "action man" shots like you did of Lee!

The guys have been selling extra firewood. If you know of anyone in MD wanting firewood...


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